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Ley / Act
Authorization to the Government of the Republic to contract a loan through the rapid financing instrument (IFR) with the International Monetary Fund (IMF), for budgetary support in the attention of the covid emergency -19
Authorization of extension of appointments of cantonal committees of the young person and of the National Assembly of the Young Person, constituted under the protection of Act No. 8261
Authorization to extend the appointments of the bodies constituted under Act 8285, Act of Creation of the Rice Corporation, of May 30, 2002, before the Declaration of National Emergency for the covid -19
Act for the National Council of the Elderly Person to face the national emergency due to covid-19
Act to restrict the commercialization of beverages with alcoholic content in sports activities and shows
Authorization to the Ministry of Finance to receive, as payment, two farms owned by the Bank of Costa Rica, to transfer them to the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAG) for the installation of an experimental farm
Second extraordinary budget of the Republic for the financial year 2020 and second legislative amendment of Act 9791, Act of Ordinary and Extraordinary Budget of the Republic for the financial year 2020
Act against street sexual harassment
Addition of a transitory provision to Article 148 of Act 2, Labor Code, of August 27, 1943, to transfer the holidays to Mondays, in order to promote internal tourism visits during the years 2020 to 2024
Comprehensive amendment of Act 2762, Act on the regime of relations between coffee producers, processors and exporters
Amendment of Act No. 1581, Civil Service Statute to incorporate clause d) that establishes the mandatory nature of the suitability examination in the requirements for entering the teaching career
Attention to the tourism sector due to the national emergency due to covid-19, by modifying article 26 and Transitory provision IX of Act 9635, Strengthening Public Finance, of December 3, 2018
Desaffection of two properties owned by the Municipality of San Carlos, whose use is changed and their donation to the Ministry of Public Education is authorized
Addition of a final paragraph to article 2 and amendment of article 3 of Act 8973, Disaffection of a property owned by the Municipality of Hojancha and authorization to said municipality to segregate it and donate the land segregated to individuals
Authorization of extension in the appointments of boards of directors and other organs in civil organizations, which expire in 2020, so that this term is extended to 2021 automatically
Amendment of article 43 of Act 7600, Equal opportunities for people with disabilities, of May 2, 1996
Authorization to the Municipality of Curridabat to donate a piece of land of its property to the Board of Education of the Excelencia Juan Santamaría School of Curridabat, San José
Act for the prohibition of the import, internment, export or transport of flora and fauna, their products, parts or derivatives that are protected, Amends Act of conservation of wildlife
Act for the reconciliation of family and work life
Autorización a la Municipalidad de Pérez Zeledón para que done un terreno a la Asociación Inclusiva Laboral de Personas con Discapacidad de Pérez Zeledón
Addition of articles 36 bis, 36 ter, 36 quater, 44 ter and clause g) and h) to article 53, and amendment of articles 44 bis and 63 of Act 7472, Promotion of Competition and Effective Consumer Defense of December 20, 1994
Act that penalizes the abandonment of older adults
Authorization to the State to disaffect a land of its property and segregate it and donate it to the inhabitants of the Pueblo Nuevo de Parrita hamle
Authorization to the Mixed Institute of Social Assistance (IMAS) to donate and transfer a piece of land of its property to the temporalities of the Catholic Church of the Diocese of Alajuela
Disaffection Amendment of two properties owned by the Costa Rican Social Security Fund, Authorization to Exchange the Disaffected properties and Affectation of a property for the Construction of Infrastructure of the Costa Rican Social Security Fund
Ley sobre el apoderamiento de los hidrocarburos, sus derivados, o mezclas de hidrocarburos
Authentic Interpretation of clause d) of Article 20 of Act No. 7210, Act on the Free Zone Regime
Amendment of article 116 of the Political Constitution
Recognizing and guaranteeing the human right of access to water
Act to support the local taxpayer and strengthen the financial management of the Municipalities
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