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Ley / Act
Fourth extraordinary budget of the Republic for the fiscal year 2020, of Act 9791, Act of Ordinary and Extraordinary Budget of the Republic for the fiscal year 2020, of November 26, 2019
Amendment of articles 44 bis and 44 ter, and addition of a transitory provision         to article 44 ter of Act 7472, Act on the Promotion of Competition and Effective Defense of the Consumer, of December 20, 1994
Act for the relief in the payment of the 2021 customs mark
Act for the balance of fines for vehicle restriction in cases of national emergency
Amendment of the Public Administration Salaries Act
Amendment of Act 8488, National Act of Emergencies and Risk Prevention, of November 22, 2005
Act to protect the right of workers to withdraw resources from the supplementary pension
Amendment of the Family Procedure Code
Amendment of the Act to Strengthen the Cash Transfers of the Advance Program, Act on Social Development and Family Allowances, Strengthen the Conditional Cash Transfers of the Advance Program, Creation of the National Scholarship Fund
Act to disable unauthorized landing strips
Repeal of article 18 of Act No. 9234, Biomedical Research Regulatory Act
Prohibition of the purchase of liquors by the Legislative Assembly and donation of stocks of disused liquors
Approves Cooperation Agreement for the financing of investment projects of the Road Infrastructure and Urban Mobility Program and the loan contract No. 4864 / OC-CR that finances the Road Infrastructure Program of Public-Private Associations
Disaffection of two properties owned by the State and a new public use is affected and donation to the Municipality of Tibás is authorized
Amends Creation of the Parafiscal Contribution to the Mobile and conventional telephone service, prepaid, postpaid or any other telephony modality destined to the Financing of the Red Cross Association
Authorization to the Government of the Republic to contract a loan through the rapid financing instrument (IFR) with the International Monetary Fund (IMF), for budgetary support in the attention of the covid emergency -19
 Authorization to the State to donate a piece of land of its property to the Municipality of San Mateo
 Use of the fees, rates and benefits of JAPDEVA for the exclusive benefit of the Atlantic slope
Creation of Isla San Lucas National Park
Authorization of extension of appointments of cantonal committees of the young person and of the National Assembly of the Young Person, constituted under the protection of Act No. 8261
Authorization to extend the appointments of the bodies constituted under Act 8285, Act of Creation of the Rice Corporation, of May 30, 2002, before the Declaration of National Emergency for the covid -19
Authorization to the Municipality of Nicoya to segregate a property owned by its private domain into lots and donate them to low-income people, in Residencial Los Lirios de Rosario de Nicoya
Authorization to the Municipality of the Canton of La Unión to forgive the debts of the Administrative Board of the Professional Technical College Ing. Mario Quirós Sasso
Amendment of the Public Finances Strengthening Act to promote economic reactivation
Act for the National Council of the Elderly Person to face the national emergency due to covid-19
Amendment Declares Playas de Manuel Antonio National Recreational Park (Now Manuel Antonio National Park), Amendment Act No. 8133 of 09/19/2001 "Amendment of clause a) of article 3 of Act No. 5100, and its amendments and Creation of the Board of Directors
Labor Code Amendment
Act to restrict the commercialization of beverages with alcoholic content in sports activities and shows
Authorization to the Ministry of Finance to receive, as payment, two farms owned by the Bank of Costa Rica, to transfer them to the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAG) for the installation of an experimental farm
Addition of clause ñ) to article 4 of Act 7509, Real Estate Tax Act, of May 9, 1995
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